Playing The Piano By Ear For Beginners

A Beginners Guide to Learning the Piano

Playing the Piano by Ear

Playing the piano by ear comes quite naturally to some, whilst others are not so lucky. Although not one of those lucky ones, I decided that I would love to try. Three months ago I retired, and during the first week of my retirement, I had the old piano tuned and polished. It had been little more than a piece of furniture for the past 30 years. Now I just wanted to restore it to being a musical instrument, being enjoyed often. Playing the piano by ear was my goal and I had all the time in the world!

Here’s How I Started

To get started, I purchased a beginners guide to learning the piano, but to be honest, it was not holding my attention. This program was more about learning scales and theory, and I just wanted to play a song. I’m impatient like that!

Then, out of the blue, I bumped into an old colleague from my work days. I told him about my “new hobby”, and he told me about how his wife was also learning to play. He mentioned that she had learned to play with the help of an eBook tutorial, which she bought from the Internet. from the Internet and had been playing the piano by ear for several months. He told me that she was very good and that the tutorial was called “Piano For All“.

Playing The Piano By Ear – Researching..

So, when I got home that day, I carried out some research on the “Piano For All” tutorial. I was very impressed. The tutorial was designed for beginners, who had never played the piano before. You can be “playing the piano by ear” in the shortest time.

The ‘Piano For All” tutorial package contains nine e-books plus one bonus book. These comprehensive tutorials take you through various styles of piano music. You learn chords, tunes, and exercises, with just enough theory for each lesson.

You can view over 200 video lessons from inside the eBooks which show keyboard demonstrations by the creator, Robin Hall.

This course does not prepare you for advanced classical music recitals, but I was able to learn many skills that enabled me to just sit down at the piano and play.

In addition, the skills I learned were a great foundation for exploring all the kinds of music that I want to play.

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