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SEOLinkvine Review – Link Building System

Most Internet marketers will agree that backlinks are key when it comes to ranking high within the major search engines. It is not good practice to simply create any type of backlink to your website. For example, there are certain links that Google loves, and there are those backlinks that will not help your SEO endeavors, in fact some will have a detrimental effect. In this SEOLinkvine Review we will be looking at Brad Callen’s new backlinking system which offers immediate access to one of the largest networks of blogs available to the public. Perhaps SEOLinkvine is the secret weapon you need in your SEO arsenal.

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SEOLinkVine Real Backlinking System

Backlinking is not an easy task. Campaigns will typically involve hours of work and effort, and it can be weeks, sometimes months before you see the results of your efforts. However, if you want to rank highly within the major search engines then you need to make sure of two things. Firstly, be sure that your on page optimization is of a high standard and secondly, that you have a decent link building campaign in place. Backlinks will have the most impact on your SEO campaigns, and it is true to say that if you do not have a proper backlinking campaign in place, your website is not likely to rank highly in the search engines.
Brad Callen created SEOLinkvine with the sole purpose of making your backlinking campaigns that much easier and more effective. SEOLinkvine gives you direct access to thousands and thousands of related blogs all from your particular niche. The search engines, and Google in particular, love to see backlinks coming from a wide range of sources, but blogs are regularly visited by the bots which means Google are sure to see your backlinks. The ideal type of backlinks are those that come from a higher pagerank page, and from within the page’s content, and linking to directly to one of your pages.

How To Use SEOLinkvine

You simply log in to your SEOLinkvine account, choose a category which suits your content, and copy and paste your article in. That’s all you need to do. Once you have submited your article, you will see the backlinks growing naturally over the course of the next few weeks. What makes SEOLinkvine so effective is that the bloggers need you as well as you needing the bloggers. The bloggers need good content to keep the search engines loving their websites, while at the same time, you need backlinks from sites that the search engines love. SEOLinkvine also offers you diversity of those blogs linking to your site such as, domain age, domain TLD, IP address, and Whois information.

SEOLinkVine - Real Backlinks

This SEOLinkvine review is intended to bring top your attention the benefits of using this great system although it should not be used alone. I personally use SEOLinkvine for creating my 1st Tier links and then GSA Search Engine Ranker for my 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tiers. (see How To Create Backlinks).

I have been using SEOLinkVine for some time now, and here are a few of the things I like most about the service.

◾Article distribution stats are displayed on the dashboard.
◾The ability to organize your articles into projects.
◾You can select multiple categories to submit too.
◾You are able to create separate accounts for your outsource workers.
◾Works perfectly with Magic Article Rewriter.


SEOLinkVine Article Stats

SEOLinkVine Article Stats


SEOLinkVine Review Conclusion

Overall, I would highly recommend SEOLinkVine and rank it ahead of the competition as my favorite article distribution service. If you need a fast and effective way to create lots of backlinks to your website, you owe it to yourself to give SEOLinkVine a closer look. I hope you benefitted from reading this SEOLinkVine review.

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