GSA Captcha Breaker Review

GSA Captcha Breaker Review – Captcha Solving Software

When you are running automated software programs such as GSA Search Engine Ranker as part of your SEO campaigns, captcha solving costs can add up really fast. The going rate currently can be anywhere from $1-$8 per 1,000 captchas solved if using any of the popular captcha services such as Decaptcher, Deathbycaptcha etc.

GSA Captcha Breaker Software

GSA Captcha Breaker Software

However, by using GSA Captcha Breaker, a great new captcha solving software, you are now able to reduce your captcha costs significantly. With so many fantastic SEO software programs requiring captcha solving (GSA Search Engine Ranker, SEnuke XCR, SErobot, etc.) is has never been more important for SEO marketers to invest in good captcha solving software.

GSA Captcha Breaker has some great features which set this awesome software apart from it’s competition. Here are just a few of these great features:

GSA Captcha Breaker Review Features

* GSA Captcha Breaker has more options which enable tweaking and adjusting of the settings.

* The software has more Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Engines. These engines are able to analyze the captcha images and determine the answer. The more OCR engines available to GSA Captcha Breaker means that the software has a much greater chance of giving a correct answer to the captcha.

* GSA Captcha Breaker includes a powerful super easy-to-use editor with which you can create your own captcha definitions.

* GSA Captcha Breaker offers Captcha Service Fallback which means that should the software be unable to recognize a captcha it automatically sends the query to your favorite captcha solving service to be solved manually. (Currently there are 10 supported providers.)

* Many of the captcha solving software programs currently available are notorious for being buggy and unreliable and frequently crash when left running for long periods of time. However, during beta testing, GSA Captcha Breaker ran for weeks on end without showing any signs of slowing down or crashing.

* Another great advantage of using GSA Captcha Breaker is that it supports many more captcha types than any of it’s competitors. Currently the software is capable of solving 312 captcha types and this number is constantly growing as more captchas are added or improved.

GSA Captcha Breaker In Action

GSA Captcha Breaker In Action


GSA Captcha Breaker Review Conclusion

If your campaigns require you to be solving large amounts (more than 100 000) of captchas then you’ll find that GSA Captcha Breaker is going to save you lots of money in the long run, because by allowing you to solve more than 600 types of captchas you will no longer need to layout for expensive captcha recognition services. GSA Captcha Breaker works tirelessly and effortlessly, intercepting captcha requests to the recognition services, so there’s no need for any additional configuration, you can start using the software immediately. Download a FREE 5-day trial and test it yourself! You’ll be glad that you did!

Download GSA Captcha Breaker Here!

GSA is a software company with a reputation for producing some of the finest SEO software on the market, and boasts a proven track record when it comes to excellent customer support and quality software.

See how to get started with your GSA Captcha Breaker Free Download.


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