Content Notifier Review

Content Notifier Review – Boost Website Traffic

Content Notifier Software

Content Notifier Software

What is Content Notifier?

Content Notifier is a nifty SEO software program that not only allows you to ping the major search engines but thousands of other sites also in order to get your new website indexed rapidly. The software will also automatically build valuable backlinks to your website which will enable it to rank much higher and faster on Google.
With Content Notifier, which has been developed by Jaydis Technology Solutions, you will create over 45,000 new metalinks to your website, which helps you to become an authority on a particular subject and bring you tons of quality traffic in the process.

Content Notifier Review

Once you download and install Content Notifier, the software sets out to take care of two major issues which need to be addressed if you are to bring online success to your website. These are: To increase website ranking within the search engines and bring more quality traffic to your web pages. Content Notifier is much more than just an indexing software. This program organizes backlinks on thousands of indexing sites, with the use of domain information, WhoIs, and other websites. Regardless of whether you are creating a brand new website or simply posting new content on an already established site, this is the only way to quickly and efficiently get your new pages ranked.

Content Notifier Features

Here is a list of the main features of the software with a brief explanation of each:
1/. Automatic Content Notification. The software automatically pings other websites to notify them about any new or updated content published by your website or blog.

2/. Backlink Builder. By using a regularly updated database of over 45,000 quality websites, the software sets out to create masses of one way backlinks and get those backlinks indexed to make your website appear more ‘popular’ in the eyes of the search engines.

3/. Unlimited Domains And URLs. Regardless of how many websites you manage or posts you make, the software has no restrictions on how many URLs you add.

4/. Importing Of URL Lists. Content Notifier will import large lists of URLs at the click of a button which makes your indexing campaigns a breeze.

5/. Content Notifier Scheduling. The software can be set to run at specific intervals. Configuration will take less than a couple of minutes and the Content Notifier will run on auto-pilot.

6/. Free Lifetime Software Updates. Jaydis Technology Solutions continue to improve and make updates to Content Notifier. Once you have purchased a license, you’ll receive all future updates of the software for free, automatically. There are no monthly fees or renewal fees.

7/. Database Updates. The growing list of notification sites is dynamic. As new sites appear or old sites are no longer operational, the developers will update the central database accordingly and your copy of the Content Notifier software will automatically download all database updates each time it runs. Content Notifier will load any available updates before it executes.

8/. Proxy Server Enabled. If you are working behind a firewall or need to use a proxy server for any reason, Content Notifier can be easily configured to enable this.

9/. Useful Bonuses. 30,000 additional backlink websites when you purchase Content Notifier.. Awesome!

10/. 60 Day, Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with the results you achieve with Content Notifier, you can claim a FULL, no questions asked, refund of the purchase price.


Content Notifier In Action

Content Notifier In Action


Content Notifier Review Conclusions

I have been using Content Notifier for two months now and having monitored all the URLs used so far it is easy to see how effective the software is in increasing both backlinks and traffic. I feel totally justified in recommending Content Notifier to anyone who is developing a website, new or old. Thank you for reading this Content Notifier Review which I hope you found informative.

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